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Michelene K. Bell is a highly experienced and accredited publisher, editor and writer for over 25 years. Her unending creativity and thirst for knowledge has been the backbone of her astounding success. Michelene writes articles on a myriad of subjects from health, metaphysics, science to love, food and travel.


As a publisher and entrepreneur, Michelene K. Bell founded, designed and published the global magazine, In Light Times, Concepts For Conscious Living; a 25+ year old National and International publication (hardcopy and online) focusing on health and happiness for the body, mind and spirit. In Light Times provided a vast array of articles, inspiring stories, information and tools to educate and entertain every age and focal point of life. To view previous issues of In Light Times click here.


Michelene's passion for writing and her abilities to draw readers in and connect with her at a much deeper level, are just a few of her talents. Michelene’s different and unique perspective of life intrigues her public to bring about those “aha” moments we all have on this journey called life. Her impassioned skills, as a writer, truly brings a diversified nuance to the literary world.


Michelene has decided to retire In Light Times magazine and is now focusing on her own writing, editing and project publishing career. It is Time For Change.


She has launched a new entrepreneurial endeavor writing articles for magazines, website content and blogs as well as providing editorial and writing consultation and services for fellow writers.


Michelene's most recent project is producing THE PARKINSON POST Newsletter, published by the Friends of Parkinson's Non-profit organization.




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